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A developed rural society with sustainable well-being, environment, ecology, equity and democracy

Manual on establishing the network of civil society organizations to monitor and support the implementati on of VNTLAS and OCS

This document proposes the process of establishing a network of local civil society organizations (VPA local network – VPAL), standard operating procedures to help related organizations perform their responsibilities thus effectively support local wood SMEs and IHBs during the CRD-CED-COPE 1 implementation of VPA/FLEGT as well as maintaining a sustainable network. Specifically, this document helps: […]


Rapid assessment report on capacity building needs of stakeolders at provincial level

Rapid assessment report on capacity building needs of stakeolders at provincial level to support enterprises in their compliance with the legality definition, VietNam timber legality assurance system and organization classification system ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The survey on SMEs’ ability to meet timber legality requirements and the rapid assessment report on technical capacity building needs of stakeholders at […]


Assessment on VPA – FLEGT compliance and needs for improvement of the household business in Dong Nai province

Phan Triều Giang, PhD. Centre for People and Environment of the Central Highlands (COPE)   Background After 7 years of negotiations, in October 2018, Vietnam and the European Union (EU) signed a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) on Forestry Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT). According to VPA, Vietnam will build a timber legal assurance system […]


Typical livelihood models developed by CRD

A new publication – Execution time: August, 2016 – Editor Trương Quang Hoàng Nguyễn Thanh Hiền Phan Thị Hòa – Please download this file atlas about Typical Livelihood models developed by CRD here: Typical livelihood models